Golden Aerosol Paint

Golden Aerosol Paint

Chisboom is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Golden Aerosol Paint. Since its establishment, it has been deeply loved by customers in domestic and foreign markets. As a supplier, the durability and practicality of the Golden Aerosol Paint must be ensured. Chisboom has a professional team and complete facilities to respond to market changes and achieve continuous innovation.

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Product Description

This Golden Aerosol Paint is refined using international advanced paint making technology and raw materials, and is a high-quality imitation. Aluminum profile protective layer color aerosol, paint film close to various aluminum profile colors.

Golden Aerosol Paint is characterized by flexible construction, convenient operation, good atomization, high spray rate, rapid film forming and drying, and good decoration effect, which can be comparable to the aluminum profile finish, and can resist ultraviolet radiation and enhance the aging resistance of the quilt. It can also be used for painting on metals, surface treated wood, glass, ABS plastics, and other materials.


Before use: For surfaces with unknown materials, try spraying on a small area first. After 10 minutes, use only after there are no adverse reactions. When spraying, please keep the jar upright and at an angle of no less than 45 ° to the horizontal. Usage steps: Thoroughly remove oil stains, water stains, and dust from the area to be sprayed. Shake well before use. At a distance of 15-30 centimeters from the spraying area, press the nozzle back and forth to spray at a uniform speed. Spray multiple times to ensure no sagging. If the spray is not completed at once, invert the jar, press the nozzle for 3 seconds, clean the nozzle, and prevent clogging.

Special Reminder

Do not store in a temperature higher than 49℃ or near a fire source. It is strictly prohibited to puncture the can body.

Pay attention to protection during spraying. If you accidentally come into contact with eyes and skin, rinse immediately with water or seek medical attention as appropriate.

Far away from children

Should be used in a well ventilated environment

Main components:

Organic resin, metal powder, organic solvent, and propellant

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