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Electroplated Color Spray Paint

Electroplated Color Spray Paint

Electroplated color spray paint from Chisboom factory is a type of paint specifically formulated for application onto electroplated surfaces. Electroplating is a process used to coat metal surfaces with a thin layer of another metal through the application of an electric current. This process enhances the appearance and provides corrosion resistance to the substrate metal.

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Product Description

This Electroplated Color Spray Paint is carefully selected from international high-quality resins, metal pigments, and advanced additives to produce visual effects such as chrome plating, gold plating, or galvanizing. The operation is flexible, simple, with excellent atomization effect and extremely high spraying rate. Excellent decoration and protection for metal products, glass, sheet metal, ABS plastic, etc.


1. Remove dirt such as water, oil, and dust from the surface of the sprayed object.

2. Before spraying, shake the tank for about 2 minutes until the paint is fully mixed and even Prevent backspraying.

3. Use non hanging one-time spraying to achieve Best metal mirror effect. (excluding galvanizing)

3. Electroplated Color Spray Paint is not advisable to cover the light to avoid damaging the metallic mirror effect (excluding galvanizing)

4. Before storage, the tank must be inverted and the nozzle should be pressed for about 3 seconds to clean any remaining paint from the nozzle to prevent blockage

Special Reminder

Do not store in a temperature higher than 49℃ or near a fire source. It is strictly prohibited to puncture the can body.

Pay attention to protection during spraying. If you accidentally come into contact with eyes and skin, rinse immediately with water or seek medical attention as appropriate.

Far away from children

Should be used in a well ventilated environmen

Main components:

Organic resin, metal powder, organic solvent, and propellant

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